My Blog Over This Year

blogSo as you know, school is ending and I’ve done lots on my blog, there’s stuff I wish I would have done and some stuff I’m very happy about and much more. Today, I’ll be talking to you all about my blog.

First of all for my content, I am overall happy with it. Since last year, I would say that my quality of writing has improved. Last year I would write less and not as good as I am this year. I am very happy that my teacher has made me work hard to get to this point.

Talking about quality, thanks to Mrs. Theriault, I am now using online dictionaries, and the thesaurus. I have added fabulous words to my work and learnt definitions of words I was not sure how to spell.

On my blog, I would say that I’ve talked about horses, like a lot. That’s what I was going for since the beginning of the year but I think I should have talked a little bit more about other stuff too. What I’m happy about is all my free choice posts. I would say I have a sufficient (thesaurus word) amount of posts like that.

One thing that I was proud of was my sticky post! Yes, a sticky post! I put it away after a while but the title of the post was Competing, and here’s the link For those who don’t know what a sticky post is, it’s when you have a post that is very popular (for your blog) and it stays on the front page. Some things that I do regret are not writing very much, as in quantity. Yes I do have my stories, like Lest We Forget, and my Art story, but those are only things I was assigned to do. I wish, on my own that I would have written longer posts.

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Teddy Bears

teddy bearTeddy bears! Oh my gosh, teddy bears! Yes I am twelve but who can not love teddy bears! If my grandma’s friend was here with me right now she would agree 100%. She has tons and tons of teddy bears all over her house. Big ones, and small ones, all over. When I was a kid I had barely any but throughout the years, I now have tons, almost as much as my grandma’s friend. I don’t get or buy teddy bears much these days but now and then I find a really cute one that has to come home with me. And apparently one of my first words was “teddy” because I always wanted my teddy bear! Continue reading

Success Is Happiness

successDo you know what success is? Do you know the true meaning of success? We all pretty much have different ideas but sometimes our opinions are the same too. So today for this assignment I’ll be writing all about success and what I think it means.

So what is success really? There are many different ways to describe it. It could be a goal that you have in life and that you have attained. To me this word means doing well. It means doing well in life, living to the fullest. Not having to think that everything is a Continue reading

Human Rights

human rightdEver thought about how free we are. Compared to other countries we are lucky. Very lucky. For example one of the human rights, Freedom of belief, do you know that in some countries people are not aloud to have an opinion? They don’t have the right to believe! Unlike here, in Canada. I can not imagine it in other countries.

Did you know that some are hated because of a religion they have. They are hated, punished because of what they wish to practice! Continue reading


GarbageA lot of things go around in our world but not all people care about how we keep it.

These days you’ll find a piece of garbage almost everywhere you are. It’s literally everywhere. Why? It’s all because people don’t care about the cleanness of the planet we live on. Not only that but throwing/leaving garbage on the ground does not only pollute it kills animals. Many Continue reading