A New Horse!

HOrseSo guys I wanted to talk to you about my barn I’m at… There’s 2 new horses! Two of them! Their names are Champaign and there’s also… I haven’t even met him yet but my Trainer showed me a picture of him and he’s a western horse! Sure we ride English but he will learn how to English!

I’m really excited to meet him and I might actually meet him tonight! We don’t know his name yet but we have some ideas, Breyer, Indigo, and Target. I forgot to mention that he hasn’t even been bought yet! But I’m pretty sure it will happen.

These new horses are all because of horses leaving. Which is very sad! Some of the best horses from the barn (in my opinion) have now left and it is sad… I have to admit, but we’ll all be okay. The arriving of new horses is sure to be a happy day!

Here’s just a little update on my life!

Comment down below a name that would be good for the horse (he’s a bay) bay is a sort of dark Brown, BTW!

 Image source: Pixabay





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