A Leap of Freedom- Art Story


A simple mistake Mallo made, done by many horses. But this time he was not forgiven…

It had been pouring the night before. It was a muddy, filthy day when Taryn was jumping. It was a big oxer (type of jump) and the girl was stressed out, not only her but the horse too. She cantered (galloped) around the ring heading towards the jump. 3, 2, 1, JUMP! He had no more energy left but tried his best. He took a big leap. But it was not big enough. His hoof silently hooked on to the jump and he took a hard fall on to the ground. It all happened so fast that nobody could have believed it. As he was plummeting down, Taryn took the fall with him. She broke her back. She was stuck in a wheelchair all because of the horse, Mallo… Continue reading

A New Horse!

HOrseSo guys I wanted to talk to you about my barn I’m at… There’s 2 new horses! Two of them! Their names are Champaign and there’s also… I haven’t even met him yet but my Trainer showed me a picture of him and he’s a western horse! Sure we ride English but he will learn how to English!

I’m really excited to meet him and I might actually meet him tonight! We don’t know his name yet but we have some ideas, Breyer, Indigo, and Target. I forgot to mention that he hasn’t even been bought yet! But I’m pretty sure it will happen. Continue reading



maple-syrup-seasonIf students from around the world were coming to Quebec I would bring them to these three places…

Firstly I have Sugar Shack! I absolutely love it and it’s an experience that everybody should try. Usually we go around my mom’s birthday and it’s AWESOME!!! IT can be indoors and outdoors. There are woods, animals, Play Park and FOOD! The best part is the food! It’s amazing! Its all maple stuff and usually you would not be eating food like that at home. It’s literally a feast. There are tons and tons of food like baked beans with maple, Ham, eggs, sausages, maple on a stick, and grandma pie (caramel, maple pie). It is really awesome and that’s #1 on my list for where I would bring you. Continue reading